ZZ-Handouts and Powerpoints from last year

David McCain on Holy Week

Lent Powerpoint

Doctrine, Dogma and Discipline Notes

Dogmas, Doctrines, and Disciplines Powerpoint

March 24 – Catholic Basic (St. Catherine of Genoa, Vocations, Acts of Contrition)

March 24 – Life of Prayer (including the Lord’s Prayer and Divine Mercy Chaplet)

March 17 – Catholic Basic (includes answers to the Pop Quiz!)

February 24 – Catholic Basic (St. Polycarp, Incense and Bells, Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe)

February 17 – Catholic Basic (St. Anne Line, Stations of the Cross, the Divine Praises

February 17 – Sacraments of Healing (Confession and Anointing of the Sick)

February 10 – Catholic Basic (St. Bernadette)

February 3 – Introduction to the Sacraments

February 3 – Catholic Basic (St. Blaise, Liturgical Vessels)

January 27 – Catholic Basic (Lenten Traditions, St. Thomas Aquinas, Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart)

January 13 – Catholic Basic (Vestments, St. Agnes, Christ – Candle of Hope Prayer)

January 6 – Catholic Basic

January 6 – Precepts & Hierarchy of Jurisdiction

December 16 – Catholic Basic (The Epiphany, St. Stephen, The Guardian Angel Prayer)

December 9 – Catholic Basic (Structure of the Church, St. Nicholas, the Magnificat)

December 2 – The First Three Commandments, by Father Bierschenk

December 2 – The Ten Commandments (handout)

November 25 – Catholic Basic (Advent wreaths, St. Catherine Laboure, the Fatima Prayer)

November 18 – Catholic Basic (The Ordained Clergy, St. Cecilia, the Regina Coeli)

November 18 – The Teachings of Jesus

November 11 – Catholic Basic (Doctors of the Church, the Anima Christi)

November 11 – Handout (Doctors of the Church, the Anima Christi)

November 4 – Catholic Basic (Precepts of the Church, St. Leo the Great, the Hail, Holy Queen prayer)

Communion of Saints, courtesy of Julia Wade

Catholic Basic for October 21 (the Holy Days of Obligation, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the Prayer to St. Michael)

How to Pray the Rosary

Praying the Rosary – NA.ORG

Catholic Basic for October 14  (the tabernacle, St. Ignatius of Antioch, the Prayer for Vocations)

Redemption – October 14, courtesy of Elizabeth Nava

Catholic Basic for October 7 (the meaning of “INRI,” Sts. Therese of Lisieux and Francis of Assisi, the Angelus)

The Incarnation – September 30

Fr. Barron handout – September 30

Creation and the Fall – September 23

Catholic Basic for September 16 (holy water and other sacramentals, St. Maximilian Kolbe, the Our Father)


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