On this page you’ll find some resources to help you prepare for your First Confession with confidence!

First, we will print up these Reconciliation Cards for you to take into the confessional with you.

Next, we have two different examinations of conscience you can use as you prepare yourself before Confession — not just your First Confession, but every Confession thereafter as well!

Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation

An Examination of Conscience Based on the 10 Commandments

Team Member Greg Lensing has cooked up his own Confession cheatsheet, which follows.  Also, Greg has written an essay in which he explains the Sacrament of Confession and offers up as much Scriptural, historical, and traditional evidence for the Sacrament as he could find.  He offers it especially for class members who are having some doubts or difficulties with that particular Sacrament.

How to Go to Confession

Greg’s Explanation and Defense of Confession


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