Handouts and Powerpoints

Here are the Powerpoint and the handout from the November 27, 2017 class on Baptism and Confirmation:  Baptism and Confirmation 2017 powerpoint and Baptism and Confirmation handout.


17. Stations of the Cross and St. Thomas More

17. Discovering Authentic Love by Elizabeth Nava

Sacrament of Marriage – powerpoint

Sacrament of Marriage – handout

12. Saint Agnes and Saint Timothy

11. Communion rules and St. Teresa Benedicta

10. Cardinals of the Church and St. Nicholas

9. Catholic Basic – Immaculate Conception, St. Andrew

8. The Liturgical Calendar – St Albert Magnus

7. Tabernacle & St. Augustine

Who is Jesus? – Powerpoint by Julia Wade

6. The Holy Days of Obligation and St. Luke

5. Catholic Symbols & St. Faustina

RCIA Redemption – Powerpoint by Elizabeth Nava

Catholic Prayers – part 2

What it means to be an RCIA sponsor

3. Liturgical vessels, St. Vincent de Paul

2. The Gospel Gesture, St. Matthew

1. Holy Water, Genuflecting, Sts. Monica and Gregory

1. Catholic Basic handout: Sign of the Cross, etc.

Catholic Prayers – part 1


Last Year’s Handouts and Powerpoints

Divine Office

Catholic Basics – Holy Thursday – Good Friday

St Torbio

Sacramentals and Eucharistic miracles


Saint Joseph

Saint Ronald of Orkney

Lent – a beginner’s guide

Catholic Basics 18. Lent and St. Kateri Tekakwitha

RCIA Discovering Authentic Love – Nava

Catholic Basics 17. Papal Conclaves and St. Benedict

Catholic Basics No. 16. Cardinals and St. Brigid

How to Receive Holy Communion

Catholic Basics No. 15. Communion rules and St. John the Baptist

Catholic Basics No. 14. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Father Bierschenk’s presentation on the Eucharist

Catholic Basics No. 13. The Epiphany and St. Juan Diego

Catholic Basics No. 12. Immaculate Conception and Sts. Anne and Joachim

Catholic Basics No. 11. Tabernacle and Bl. Miguel Pro

Stations of the Cross Presentation

Catholic Basics No. 10. Liturgical Calendar and St. Albert the Great

The Beatitudes, by Julia Wade

Catholic Basics No. 9. Closed Communion and Pope St. Leo the Great

Why do Catholics practice closed Communion?

Catholic Basics No. 8. Vestments and St. Agnes

Catholic Basics No. 7. INRI and St. Sylvia

Catholic Basics No. 6. Liturgical Vessels and St. John Paul II

Catholic Basic No. 5. Gospel Gesture and St. Teresa of Avila

Catholic Basic No. 4. Holy Days of Obligation and St. Augustine

Step by Step Through Lectio Divina

Example of Lectio Divina

Catholic Basic No. 3. Christian symbols and St. Therese of Lisieux

Who is Jesus?, by Julia Wade

Catholic Basic No. 2. The Rosary and St. Michael the Archangel.

How to Pray the Rosary – New Advent

The Mysteries of the Rosary.

Catholic Basic No. 1. Sign of the Cross, Holy Water, Genuflection, Communion Blessing.  Also Saints Monica and Gregory the Great.


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