Marriage and Sexuality

Our instructor for the discussion of marriage and sexuality on January 13, Janice Chik, put together a very good list of additional resources that you might find helpful.

Obviously, this is a very complex topic and one – like many of the teachings of Christ – that will bear fruit most abundantly in our lives only with further study.  These links will help you study and reflect on the Church’s teaching.


Pope Paul VI, ‘Humanae Vitae’: father/paul_vi/encyclicals/ documents/hf_p-vi_enc_ 25071968_humanae-vitae_en.html

Elizabeth Anscombe, ‘Contraception and Chastity’: articles/AnscombeChastity.php

Peter Kreeft, ‘Is There Sex in Heaven?’: http://www.catholiceducation. org/articles/apologetics/ ap0350.htm

Bachiochi and Pakaluk, ‘The Pill is Not Good for Women’: http://www.catholiceducation. org/articles/sexuality/se0257. htm

Janet Smith, ‘Contraception: Why Not?’: http://www.catholiceducation. org/articles/sexuality/se0002. html

‘The Dangers Every Woman Needs to Know About the Birth Control Pill’: s/dangers_birth_control_pill. php#.Ut0-_v30C2w

‘An Ecological Blindspot’: articles/view/an_ecological_ blind_spot

‘Contraceptives and the Environment’: articles/contraceptives-and- the-environment

‘Fish Study Proves “the Pill” is NOT Man’s Best Friend’: http://www.environmentalhealth changes-trout-chromosome- number


Christopher West, Good News About Sex & Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching:

Toni Weschler, Taking Charge of Your Fertility: Charge-Fertility-Anniversary- Edition/dp/0060881909/ref=pd_ cp_b_2

Fulton Sheen, Three to Get Married: Get-Married-Fulton-Sheen/dp/ 0933932871/ref=pd_sim_b_29

J. Budziszewski, On the Meaning of Sex: ng-Sex-J-Budziszewski/dp/19351 91241

Mary Eberstadt, Adam and Eve After the Pill: Eve-After-Pill-Revolution/dp/ 1586176277/ref=pd_sim_b_8

Karol Wojtyla, Love and Responsibility:

Websites about Natural Family Planning:



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