Field trip – Friday, November 4

Just a reminder that our optional field trip is this coming Friday night — Mass at Cistercian Abbey in Irving.  Mass starts at 7:30, but we recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes early because of the limited seating and large crowd.  A link to the map to Cistercian is below.

Map to Cistercian

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Website video recommended by Elizabeth Nava

At last night’s RCIA class, Elizabeth Nava recommended a short 4-minute video called Falling Plates.  I think this is the Youtube website featuring that video:

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Lecture by Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia

Archbishop Chaput recently delivered a lecture at Notre Dame that you might find of some interest.  Click here for the text of his lecture.

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How to do your homework when you miss class

Dear friends,

We had our first class on September 12.  If you missed that class, happily there is no homework assignment for missing it.  But from now on, if you miss class, we will usually ask you to make up the work by doing a homework assignment.  This means watching the Symbolon video that you missed and then answering some homework questions that are taken straight from the video.  (If there wasn’t a Symbolon video the week you missed, we’ll think of some other homework assignment.)

You can find the Symbolon video and watch it online.  To do that, you will need the St. Monica parish access code and you will also need to create a user name (your email address) and a password.

First, go to the Formed website:

There, enter in the parish access code:  c6b211   That will take you to a screen on which you can register as a user of the site.  After that, you should be able to get in with your user name and password.

Once you are inside the Formed website, find the video for the class you missed. This has been recently updated, so I think these are the new steps to follow after you log in.  First, click on “Programs.”  On the next page are two different Symbolon buttons.  The first 10 videos are found by clicking on the first Symbolon button, labeled “Knowing the Faith.”  The second 10 are found under the second Symbolon button, labeled “Living the Faith.”  You may have to scroll the list of programs to the right to get to the second Symbolon button.  Once you click the correct Symbolon button, you should be able to find the video for the class you missed.

Note that most of Symbolon video sessions are in two parts.  You will need to watch both parts in order to answer all the homework questions!

The homework questions are found on this blog by clicking on “Homework Page.”  Every week I will post questions that are taken straight from that week’s Symbolon video.  To make it really easy on yourself, you could print out or otherwise make yourself a copy of the questions and then answer them while you are watching the video.  Then turn in your homework to our homework coordinator Joseph Miller.  You can give him a hard copy of your answers at a future class, or cut-and-paste your answers into an email to him at .

Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the Symbolon video or have any questions about the homework process.

Yours truly
Greg Lensing

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Pope Francis’s “The Joy of Love”

For a pdf of the Pope’s recent apostolic exhortation “The Joy of Love,” click here.

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No Class Monday, March 28

Just a reminder that we have no class on Easter Monday, March 28.

We will have three more meetings the three Mondays after that.  On Monday, April 4, Greg Lensing will speak about living the Faith in today’s world.  On Monday, April 11, perennially popular speaker, Margie Giangiulio, will speak on a variety of topics including Eucharistic miracles, Eucharistic adoration, and other popular devotions.  On Monday, April 18, we will have a special Mass for the class and a “graduation” party.

Our final event will be Monday, April 25 — First Confessions for those who were baptized at the Easter Vigil.  If you’ve already made your First Confession and would like to come make your “second Confession,” you are more than welcome!

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Easter Vigil Rehearsal

We have have our rehearsal for the Easter Vigil Mass at 7:00 on Monday, March 21.  Please note that we will meet in the church, not in our usual meeting room.  Child care will be available, but dinner will not be served.

And please remember that your sponsor needs to attend the rehearsal with you!

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