First Confessions on May 2

On May 2, our newly baptized Catholics are invited to come to St. Monica Church at 7pm to make your first Confessions.  Some children of the parish will be making their first Confessions then too, and we will have plenty of priests on hand.  If any candidates or newly confirmed Catholics in our class want to come down for Confession then as well, we can happily accommodate you!

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No Class on Easter Monday!

Congratulations to our new and fully initiated Catholics!

Just a reminder that there will be no class on Monday, April 17.  We hope you will join us the next three Mondays as we wrap up with two classes on living the Catholic life and finally a Mass and farewell party on May 8.

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If you are a candidate (have been validly baptized) and missed last night’s First Confessions, you need to make your First Confession on your own before Easter.  Note that many churches do not offer confessions the last few days before Easter, so try to go to confession no later than the weekend before Easter (April 8).

Here are some documents that may help–the confession cards (mini-cheatsheets), a longer explanation of how to go to confession, and an examination of conscience:

An Examination of Conscience Based on the 10 Commandments

Confession cards

How to Go to Confession


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More about sacrifices

Guest speaker Elizabeth Nava sent a short two-page article elaborating on the Catholic tradition of thinking of sacrifices as a kind of prayer.  You can access the article by clicking here:


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Stations of the Cross link

We hope you found the Stations of the Cross last night to be a worthwhile prayer experience.

If you missed the event, I have uploaded the meditations we used and you can access them here:  short-meditations-on-the-stations-of-the-cross

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A Note on the February 13 Class

Our class on Monday, February 13, will start like every other class.  We will meet in the Family Center Lower Lounge for dinner.  We will have a Catholic Basic and a Saint of the Week.  Then we will all walk over to the church together and pray The Stations of the Cross.  This is a Catholic prayer of long tradition in which we meditate on the suffering of Christ on Good Friday.  It will probably take around 45 minutes, I would guess.

Someone asked if it would be okay to bring children along to the church.  The answer is yes, especially children who are old enough to read.  We’ll have all the prayers in a little pamphlet, and children who can read can participate fully in the Stations.  (Children younger than that are welcome, although obviously they won’t understand what is going on, and they may get a little tired of it before we’re finished….)

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Classes resume tomorrow – Monday, January 2

Happy New Year, everyone!

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